Top Pros & Cons of International Colleges versus Indian universities a student must know!

Global education is one of the best exposures a student can get to advance his or her career ahead. It can unleash new opportunities, unique courses and open up new avenues. In this blog, let’s discuss some of the pros and cons of International colleges versus Indian Universities a student must consider when contemplating further studies.


International colleges are equipped with modern technologies and knowledge as compared to Indian Universities like Flame, Symbiosis, Manipal, Amity and Ashoka. In today’s fast paced lives as anything can happen in a blink of an eye, it is crucial to think well before choosing a university for further studies. An International curriculum is the foundation of a bright future for tomorrow. Below we list down few of the most crucial Pros and cons of International colleges versus the Indian ones.


Pros and cons of International Colleges versus Indian universities


Unmatched Quality education – International college curriculum can transform the way a student thinks and open up avenues for innovation. It helps a student reach the zenith of whichever field they choose. On the contrary, Indian Colleges do not give students the bandwidth to broaden their horizons with quality education and technology. They focus on traditional methods and prepares student for exams only with no individual attention or exposure to real life skills such as resume building. With Indian colleges, concentration lies more on quantity of admission rather than quality of education. Many of the times, the curriculum of Indian board colleges whether it is state board or CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) is orthodox where students rely more on external coaching and don’t attend lectures as there is a lack of performance tracking for professors. Though the fees of aided state board colleges is less, students are generally misled and not updated to the advancements of the modern world.


Virtual field trips, artificial simulation and Hi-tech equipments – International universities also ensure that they supplement a student’s further studies with the most modern technology, virtual field trips, e-journals and artificial simulation for the practical subjects. This ensures unlike Indian universities, students don’t just learn theory but also get skilled to implement it on the job.


Global exposure for accelerating your success – International colleges allow students to study their chosen field in a global manner. Students can study diverse subjects together and choose their career ahead with a rational and open-minded approach. This kind of world-wide exposure is not provided by Indian Universities that lack a developed approach to Education.


Study modern subjects for the skills needed in the modern world – You can pick from various new career opportunities and move beyond simply picking Science, Commerce and Arts. Merging of careers is possible by picking an amalgamation of careers such as Bioinformatics, Biotechnology, Financial consultants, Marine studies so on and so forth. The alternatives are endless and there is a perfect fit of education plan for very student in the International education paradigm.


Tremendous opportunities for a brighter tomorrow – Success relies more on the kind of opportunities you get. Remarkable opportunities await a student post education from internationally affiliated universities. Certifications from International Universities are recognized everywhere in the world and provide the best opportunities for a great future ahead.


Peer pressure and lack of research can lead parents and students to take the wrong decision. Many think that to study in an International college one needs to travel abroad when in reality you can get the international curriculum based education right here. Further studies is the most significant phase of a student’s life. It is the make or break period that can do a lot to a student’s future. Knowing these advantages and disadvantages can ensure that a student makes the right decision for their career by getting a global level education from international schools and colleges right from the very beginning.

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