Third Workshop on Critical Thinking Skills

Today’s third workshop focused on the crucial skill of critical thinking, led by our Principal, Mrs. Heena Phalke. She highlighted its importance with real-life examples and strategies to enhance this

Thrilling Workshop on 21st-Century Skills for Grade 10

On May 4th, our Grade 10 students delved into creativity and technology during our second 21st-century skill development workshop. Dr. Kavitha Venkatachari, Dean of AI and Future Tech at Universal

Celebrating Stop Food Waste Day with Grade 1 & 2 

Grade 1 and 2 learners celebrated ‘Stop Food Waste Day’ by sharing creative ideas on how to avoid food wastage. Encouraged to speak a few sentences each, they highlighted unique

Inspiration Unleashed: I.I.M.U.N.’s Role Model Series

On April 19, 2024, the YB Chavan Auditorium in Nariman Point hosted the International Indian Model United Nations (I.I.M.U.N.) Role Model Series, a day filled with inspiration and empowerment. Speakers

Grade 4 Nature Expedition!

Today, our Grade 4 adventurers embarked on a journey into the magical embrace of nature’s canvas. With each step, we encountered a new spectacle – from the graceful dance of