5 Apps every student should use!

Technology is the backbone of learning especially in today’s volatile and fast-paced environment. Being tech-savvy can help a lot of students to achieve better in life. Studying in an International school in Kalyan ensures that your child gets the very best of technology and globally-aligned education. Since, mobile phones have become the most important gadgets for children all over the globe, it is time to put it to good use. Certain study and organization apps allow students to stay on top of their education while studying at the Best school in Kalyan. So, without further ado, let’s list the top 5 educational apps that are a boon for students in the real sense.


Alarmy – One of the most significant pre-requisites of success is to wake up at the right time. It sets the tone of the day and determines the productivity levels too. Alarmy is a smart app with an effective twist. It is an app that prompts the user to complete certain simple tasks, such as clicking a picture or shaking the phone a few number of times for the ringing to stop, ensuring that the user wakes up without hitting the snooze button multiple times. When you are studying in one of the Best school in Kalyan West, this app will be the perfect morning-time asset.


Dropbox – Another very crucial element for a student to succeed is organization skill which can be achieved easily through this app. It enables students to keep their notes, projects, and other study material all in one place without the fear of losing them. It is also easily accessible anytime which adds to its charm. When you are studying in an International School in Kalyan, this can prove to be a massive help!


Self-control – The name says it all. Discipline and self-control can do wonders to a child’s life especially when incorporated in a creative and technologically oriented way. Right from the beginning when your child studies in a good Preschool in Kalyan to the zenith of his or her career, staying focused on education can go a long way. Apps like self-control, lets students block certain websites for a specific amount of time and schedule their routine for multiple days helping them to concentrate.


Trello – A student’s life is incomplete without projects. While studying in international schools in Kalyan students encounter practical projects that help them to grow. Trello is a project management app that allows students to jot down tasks in the form of lists or boards. This can also be made public, especially helpful for a team project where every user can assign others tasks with due dates.


Camscanner – Another very important app, CamScanner, allows students to use their phone camera to scan an image and convert it into a PDF easily. This can also be shared quickly over an email or text.


Right from when a student joins a Playschool in Kalyan till their college life and beyond,

Technology is a boon for students if used correctly and under supervision. These top 5 apps are the best source of guidance for children that can enhance their educational experience exponentially!

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