Is online schooling suitable for Preschoolers?

Times are changing and with it the mode of schooling too. Virtual is the new normal in the education paradigm. Whether it is a lockdown or any other emergency, virtual technology has enabled many institutions, schools as well as colleges, to make education accessible to all. International schools have transformed every aspect of education in the country and Cambria International School has left no stone turned to make the same possible in a virtual classroom scenario. Owing to various reasons parents are also leaning toward virtual classes for their children. However, the question that still hovers over the education system is if online schooling can prove to be the right choice for preschoolers? Let’s understand this better below.


Why online schooling could be the right choice for preschoolers?

One of the primary reasons why parents favor a virtual preschool for their toddlers is because of the convenience factor. Some of the best schools in Kalyan ensure that online schooling is a smooth and beneficial transition for both children and parents. For many working parents, virtual preschooling helps with a better work-life balance. It also lets them keep a close watch on how and what their children learn. Today, safety is also a crucial reason why parents would opt for an online preschool for their kids.


Pros and Cons of online schooling for preschoolers

The best part about virtual preschooling is that it can be tailor-made to suit different individual academic requirements. This ensures the progressive and holistic development of a child. The curriculum of a good and reputed International school will always ensure that education is imparted in a balanced and effective manner through the online medium. Though computers are a significant part of online education, the overall functioning of virtual classrooms is the same as that of traditional classrooms. Children still read books, participate in interactive activities and take quizzes in a virtual classroom. Assignments are submitted to teachers in an e-form. Parent involvement also increases in a virtual schooling mode. Network fluctuation, less knowledge of technology or reduced access to it could be a hindrance. This can be easily managed by taking the initiative to learn this new, convenient and enhanced way of schooling.


What does Research say?

Though the delivery is changed, the content remains unaffected and gets better with online schooling. Many International schools in Kalyan that focus on a global and technology-oriented pedagogy have enhanced their online schooling curriculum to fit individual learning needs perfectly. Education experts highlight that there is no need to worry about the lack of team bonding and other social opportunities as online classroom activities in good International schools have always been designed to fit the evolving real-time requirements perfectly. Children are accustomed to the use of technology since a younger age which makes them ready for the virtual generation.


Anxiety with regards to online schooling is a common challenge that parents face today. The fact to keep in mind is that Change is the new Normal in a global and virtually trending world. Exposure to technology can enhance the essence of education and increase both its accessibility and efficacy.

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