5 Tips to avoid screen addiction and build technology literacy in kids

Have you exhausted all methods of instilling technology literacy in your kids? Despite trying everything, is screen addition still a major downside of digital literacy? Technology literacy is crucial. Here’s how the best schools in Kalyan make it possible without device addiction!


What is technology literacy? 

Technology literacy, also called digital literacy is an outcome of the tech age. It is the skill, knowledge and expertise of using digital tools and networks to create, learn, and share digital information. These networks such as search engines and social media handles can be accessed only through technological devices which is where screen addiction arises as a challenge for kids.International schools in Kalyan have a host of techniques that make digital literacy a success without the issue of device addiction. 


Why is digital literacy important for kids of today’s generation?

The tech world of today functions at lightning speed all thanks to the digital revolution. Any integral job in the industry is incomplete without technical knowledge and skills. These skills need to be ingrained in kids since they are enrolled in a playschool in Kalyan. Digital literacy propels students towards a bright future filled with innovation. It also opens up a host of global opportunities where they can flourish and explore their absolute potential. It also prepares children for all the challenges they could face in the future. Good schools in Kalyan west employ techniques that augment technology literacy devoid of device addiction.



Tips to elevate technology literacy while mitigating screen time 


  1. Take constructive steps towards technology literacy

Inculcate small but steady habits of using technology responsibly. Educate kids about cyberbullying and other threats online. Keep technology time playful but learning-oriented. Encourage children to use digital devices under guidance. Use interesting activities such as digital research and learning that appeases curiosity. Promote constructive digital communication with friends and family. Best schools in Kalyan adopt global methods to generate curiosity in children through technology literacy.


  1. Strike a balance between indoor and outdoor playtime

One of the best ways to avoid screen addiction is to strike a balance between indoor and outdoor time. Try making a schedule for both these activities. Outdoor playtime promotes wholesome learning and fortifies health. It ignites imagination without screen addiction. This also helps you to limit screen time smartly without coercion. Preschools in Kalyan ensure an active lifestyle for children right from an early age.


  1. Lead by example 

You must set a good example for your kids when it comes to using digital devices. Children tend to imitate adults. Begin by limiting your own screen time and avoiding digital time during meals or family time. This ensures that children learn to do the same and use technology the right way.


  1. Don’t shy away from help

If you find it challenging to limit screen time and promote digital learning simultaneously, it would be wise to take professional help. Plenty of resources and modern aids are available to help you in this endeavor. Set usage restrictions on digital devices, digital detox, and no screen zones at home.


Enrolling your child in an International School in Kalyan is a great way to begin digital literacy on the right note. It offers professional expertise and makes your child’s technology journey a fruitful one.

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