Spooktacular Halloween Spectacle

On the bewitching evening of October 31, 2023, the Cambria International School and Junior College hosted a Halloween celebration that enchanted all with its creativity and fervor, delivering a hauntingly good time for all involved. From classic monsters such as vampires and zombies to contemporary characters from popular horror films, the school’s corridors were alive with a diverse array of spine-chilling outfits. Students poured their imagination into their looks, creating ghoulish works of art with their makeup and costumes.

The highlight of the evening was a spine-tingling ramp walk where students flaunted their eerie ensembles and inventive props. The runway transformed into a chilling spectacle, adorned with cobweb-covered cauldrons and lifelike mummies, offering a thrilling display of the students’ craftsmanship and ingenuity. The audience was treated to a parade of ghosts, witches, and various other creatures of the night, creating an electrifying atmosphere.

This spooktacular event was a testament to the students’ creativity, showcasing their dedication and enthusiasm for Halloween. The hauntingly delightful costumes and the eerie ambience left everyone spellbound, ensuring a Halloween celebration that will be remembered for its creativity and enthusiasm.

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