“Nurturing Tomorrow: ‘AASHIYANA’ – A Remarkable Parental Workshop”

We are delighted to inform you that our institution recently hosted a significant parental workshop titled ‘AASHIYANA,’ designed to benefit students across Grades 1 to 12. This endeavor was thoughtfully structured to provide our esteemed parents with valuable insights into addressing the developmental, emotional, and psychological needs of their children.
The primary objective of ‘AASHIYANA’ was to equip our dedicated parents with a holistic understanding of their child’s intricate journey of growth. By sharing practical strategies for effective parenting, participants were empowered to assume a pivotal role in their child’s development.
The ‘AASHIYANA’ workshop was meticulously organized by our in-house counselors, who brought a wealth of expertise and a deep passion for psychological well-being to enrich the program. We remain committed to nurturing a supportive and informed community of parents who play an active role in their child’s holistic development.

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