“Janmashtami Bliss: Celebrating the Divine in School”

“May the divine tunes of Lord Krishna’s flute bring solace to your soul and inner peace.
Janmashtami, a celebration of joy, love, and laughter, was marked with vibrancy and enthusiasm at The Cambria International School on September 6th, 2023.
A special assembly enlightened learners about Lord Krishna’s birth and the significance of Janmashtami. The young participants dressed as Lord Krishna, Radha, adorned with colorful bangles, odhnis, and peacock crowns, adding a traditional touch to the event.
The festivities included captivating activities and performances, encompassing quizzes, dances, bhajans, and poems, enchanting everyone present.
Additionally, a ‘Matki Phod’ event was organized, symbolizing the mischievous nature of “Bal Gopal”, fostering togetherness, unity, and faith.
In essence, learners cherished the Gopalkala celebration with zest and zeal, while imbibing valuable values and virtues.

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