Why good student assessment can bring out a child’s best potential!

Assessment and the feedback associated with it is an integral part of effective learning. It can change the trajectory of your child’s learning and make it more productive. Ever wondered how assessments can be as important as actual learning? International schools in Kalyan are well-known for their impeccable assessment systems. Let’s understand how a good assessment structure can reap positive results for your child’s future.



Why is good assessment important?                 

International schools in Kalyan West have assessment structures that ensure a child’s holistic development. Formative assessment is the modern assessment technique that refers to frequent, interactive assessments of a child’s progress. It helps understand a child’s learning needs and adjust to teaching appropriately. Teachers that use formative assessment approaches and techniques are better prepared to meet the students’ diverse needs – through differentiation and adaptation of modern teaching techniques. This raises the level of student achievement and brings about greater equity in student outcomes. It provides diagnostic feedback with constructive solutions that lead to progress in the long run. It also brings about a deep analysis with regards to the student’s knowledge base, performance base, and educational needs. This modern assessment empowers educators to set standards to gauge a student’s understanding, knowledge, and mastery vis-à-vis their performance. Further, it aptly relates to the student’s progress as to what are the new knowledge, skill-sets, and learnings that they have imbibed during the classes. It provides the right platform for the teacher’s self-evaluation as well to understand what should be the next direction they ought to take for helping students learn better. Moreover, the best schools in Kalyan West with an internationally aligned curriculum motivate a child positively and help them self-evaluate effectively. 


How to choose a school that offers the best assessment structure?

International Preschool in Kalyan offers great assessment structures right from the start. When you look for the best school, make sure you keep the assessment systems in mind too. International schools have continuous modern assessment systems that leave no stone unturned to give the best education to your child. Their constructive and thoughtful assessment structures are globally aligned and focus on nurturing conceptual learning rather than rote learning. It also provides essential data to both teachers and students which helps them improve a child’s knowledge and skill-sets. 


Lifelong learning through internationally-aligned assessments

A great assessment structure involves a balanced and holistic approach. It encourages students to walk on the path of self-evaluation and lifelong learning. This makes it the most steady and dependable measure of success. Best schools in Kalyan that follow an international curriculum and teaching methodology emphasize lifelong learning which proves to be the best investment in your child’s learning journey. It is the strongest foundation of a student’s educational life. 


As a parent, selecting a great school for your child is one of the most crucial decisions. A school with a great assessment structure makes this decision easy and effective for your child’s lifelong success!

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