Top 5 techniques to excel in English-speaking skills

English speaking is a critical skill in the modern world. Mastering the language can help children put across their thoughts and opinions with confidence. Getting your child enrolled in a good International School in Kalyan, ensures that they learn and speak this language with proficiency. In this blog, we’ll highlight some fantastic tips and techniques that will make your child proficient and skilled in the English language!

  1. Inculcate the habit of reading

First things first, there is no substitute for reading. Reading interesting topics and books in English will empower your child’s language and creativity. It will also make the process easier and fun. Sometimes it could get challenging to encourage children to read books. You can alleviate this issue by making reading English books an interesting activity. Use techniques like role play, voice modulation, and character-building while reading English stories. If you’re motivating them to read something informative, such as newspapers, keep the reading time short and the content extensive.



  1. Overcoming the fear of speaking English

One of the most important barriers to mastering the English language is the mental barrier. Children are quick to learn but could get impacted by peer pressure. Advanced Schools in Kalyan Westmake it a point to help children overcome this mental barrier effectively. Positive affirmations and gentle ways of correcting their language instil confidence. Rewards and appreciation are other amazing ways to foster a child’s self-esteem while learning the language.




  1. Participation in elocution competitions, debates and more

Ensure that your child takes active participation in extracurriculars that offer them an opportunity to demonstrate their English-speaking skills. This empowers them to excel in competitions when they begin their journey in some of the best colleges in Kalyan



  1. Word of the day and other daily vocabulary techniques

Right from when your toddler is enrolled in a Preschool in Kalyan, engage them in playful learning activities that emphasize the English language. Daily activities like learning one new word every day and other creative vocabulary-building programs is a splendid technique to imbibe the language.



  1. Patience and practice go a long way

Last but most significant, are the attributes of patience and practice. Patience ensures progressive development while practice keeps a steady pace on their improvement. Top schools in Kalyan have experienced faculties that develop these skills with utmost patience. Practicing also helps in sharpening English grammar which plays a critical role in acing the language.




English is a global language. Being a maestro of this language ensures that your child will excel in any career with confidence. It unleashes new avenues to connect with people globally. Best schools in Kalyan West with an international curriculum, leave no stone unturned to fortify English speaking skills in your child. Reputed global playschools in Kalyanexpose kids to interactive reading time, right from a young age. Transform positive curiosity into an asset. Let your child’s global education be a valuable addition to their knowledge and personality. Put these incredible techniques into action and empower your child to excel in the English language.

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