Tips to boost your child’s memory power from an early age!

Memory power is the foundation of learning. It instills confidence in children to do better in life and absorb more significant life-changing skills. You can help your child be a master of their memory by refining memorization muscles with stimulating activities and habits. Let’s understand this better below!


A strong memory breaks down into two parts: 

  1. Short-term memory – Responsible to recall new information to tackle the task at hand.
  2. Long-term memory – Information acquired during the strengthening of short-term memory helps children develop an in-depth understanding of the topic through this type of memory for life.


Schools in Kalyan west with an International curriculum ensure that a child learns through effective memory-building strategies. This enhances constructive life-long learning. Here are a few such strategies that will boost your child’s memory power.


  1. Multi-sensory Active learning with hands-on practice and examples

This is one of the best strategies adopted by International Schools in Kalyan to empower a child’s memory. When you involve all the senses such as visual, hearing, etc. during learning it helps children to retain better. Also, don’t forget to get creative while learning. Make use of hand-on activities and examples that will help them to remember what they have learned through practical application.


  1. Visual Aids and smart interactive learnings

Placards and illustrations help retain knowledge better without the need for rote learning. It increases both the ease and efficacy. Keep the learning activity interactive which enables children to concentrate better and does not let them drift away.


  1. Keywords, mind maps, and breakdown of the information

Another great way that ensures children remember, recollect and apply their memory better is when they learn through a logical approach. Breaking down information into simple bits of data that can be grasped easily is one of the many ways that the Best schools in Kalyan West implementYou could also try allocating keywords and creating mind-maps that build an intellectual link.


  1. Discussion, brainstorming, and questions 

Right from when a child is enrolled in an International Preschool in Kalyan, they are taught to learn and retain through discussions and brainstorming sessions. Go ahead and involve your child in active question and answer activities that provoke them to store and apply information better.


  1. Let your child learn by teaching 

Last and the most effective technique of boosting memory power is by encouraging your child to learn by teaching. Get into a short role-play activity at home and let your child be the teacher. Pick out a topic of interest or something crucial that you have been wanting to teach your child and ask your child to teach you that topic as per their understanding. This will not only help them retain better but also improve their problem areas.


When you enroll your child in an International school it equips them with all the modern facilities to build their memory strongly in a stimulating environment. This empowers their mind for life, sets them apart from their peers, and sharpens their confidence optimally.

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