Storytelling and how it transforms your child’s personality

Storytelling has been a powerful tool of communication since the beginning of time. In the global paradigm, it is believed to be the basis of effective marketing and business management to connect with the audience. When storytelling is taught in an impactful manner in international schools in Kalyan, it resonates profoundly with the children’s mind and personality. The learnings of storytelling sessions stay with a child forever and change his or her outlook for the better. Let us understand its importance and a few ways to teach your kid the art of narrating incredible stories.


Why is storytelling crucial for kids?

There is a reason why top schools in Kalyan include storytelling in their global curriculum. Below are the wonderful benefits of storytelling for children.


  1. Narrating and listening to stories boosts imagination and creative thinking. It also helps build an innovative outlook and sharpens memory.
  2. The art of sharing stories improves language skills and instils confidence. It also makes academic learning easy. Best schools in Kalyan ensure regular storytelling sessions for kids since a young age.
  3. Global stories inculcate values in children and develops a thorough cultural understanding.
  4. It strengthens focus and teaches social skills in an effective manner. This also helps students to join good colleges in Kalyan in the future.


Techniques to develop great storytelling tactics in children

  1. Start at an early age

Storytelling that starts from a young age instils lifelong skills. International preschools in Kalyan have skilled faculties and resources that empower students with excellent storytelling skills. It helps kids shape fantastic creative and communication abilities too.


  1. Allow them to select their favourite genre

Give children the freedom to choose their favourite genre of stories. It makes the process of storytelling easier and seamless. Favourite stories let children enjoy this experience and remember the lessons in good light.



  1. Expose them to a creative environment

Top schools in Kalyan create a thriving culture of innovation. It ensures children to think of storytelling as an interesting activity. A creative environment makes storytelling a fun and engaging process for kids.



  1. Practice makes perfect

Practice helps kids perfect the art of storytelling. Schools in Kalyan have frequent sessions where students interact with each other through amazing stories.


  1. Join storytelling clubs and associate with peers who like storytelling

Surrounding children with like minded peers lets them cultivate good habits. This extends to the art of narrating stories too. Global schools and colleges in Kalyan have efficient storytelling clubs that empower students with impeccable skills.



Stories are impactful mediums of behaviour and personality development. It builds character and cultivates robust life skills. International schools in Kalyan have a holistic curriculum and global infrastructure with top-notch libraries. Stories from different cultures and authors broaden the young minds and opens new opportunities of growth. You can align your child’s personality with successful endeavours through this creative skill. Unleash their true potential and endow kids with self-confidence with the art of storytelling!

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