How to Prepare your Child for an International Preschool?

Preschool is the beginning of a new and important chapter in your toddler’s life. It is the foundation of a bright future. International preschools help your child to learn new elements that are integral for their holistic development. Interacting with other children in such preschools strengthens communication and social skills. The activities and curriculum of an international school are designed as per International standards which makes learning an enriching experience. However, this new and exciting environment can be daunting for many children and parents. Unknown faces could lead to anxiety on the first day of preschool. Many reputed International preschools in Kalyan and other parts of Maharashtra ensure the best exposure to make your child comfortable and confident at the same time. As a parent, you can do your part to mitigate this start of preschool jitters. Let’s discuss some of the most significant ways in which you can prepare your child for education in an international preschool.


Pretend play and other interactive activities work great!

You can begin by creating a play-school atmosphere at home to understand your child’s learning needs. Pretend Play games and daily routine activities like getting dressed, carrying the bag, saying goodbye etc. can sharpen motor skills and enable your child to be well prepared for a preschool environment. It will also help them absorb new skills in a faster and better manner.


Planning social activities for your child

Organize social activities for birthdays, sports events or festivals where your child can interact with other children of the same age. This helps develop emotional quotient and empathy skills that are significant in the modern world. It also reduces fear of communication right from an early age and helps improve speech as well as body language.


Start Reading books to prep for preschool

International schools offer the International General Certificate of Secondary (IGSCE Board) Education which is globally recognized and certified by the University of Cambridge. This is why pursuing education from an International preschool right from a young age can do wonders for your child’s career and future. Read books and meaningful stories that will help prepare your child for a good preschool in Kalyan or any other location. It ensures good communication and creative skills. Make the reading experience interactive and ask your child how he or she feels about a character in the book. Answer queries patiently to ease out your child’s fear and bring out their best potential.


Pay a visit to the International preschool before enrollment

Prior to enrolling your child in an International preschool, pay a visit to the school in order to understand the teaching culture. Try to visit a class in session to learn the kind of activities conducted. Have a conversation with the teachers and observe the children. Also, take a look at the notice board and the teaching props used. This will help you get a better idea of the way education is imparted to toddlers creatively. Remember that the more interactive the preschool, the better.


Some of the best International schools in Kalyan have preschools that equip children to be self-reliant and socially smart from an early age. Preparing your child for an International preschool from the very beginning can give your child a positive head start for an enriching preschool experience!

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