How to nurture independent thinking in children?

When children are taught the right skill sets at a young age, it stays with them for life. Independent thinking is one such skill that can go miles if instilled correctly. It has various benefits and can prove to be an asset both in the short-run during academic life as well as in the long run during a person’s professional tenure. Reputed International Schools in Kalyan west make sure that they instil independent thinking skills in children at the right age through the right strategies. Let’s understand this skill in-depth and how you can hone it effectively in your child.


What is independent thinking and how is it beneficial for children?

Independent thinking is a skill that helps children build the wisdom and understanding of how to question assumptions and build the confidence required to defend their viewpoint. These skills are at the vanguard of learning how to be both a great thinker and an impeccable leader. This is the reason why some of the Best schools in Kalyan West, teach and encourage independent thinking in children. Such skills also teach children how to make sense of the big wide world based on their personal experiences and observation. It empowers children to make critical well-informed decisions throughout their life.


Here we have listed the top four tips that will equip you with the knowledge required to nurture independent thinking in your child right from when you enroll them in a good international Preschool in Kalyan. 


Allowing children to make some key decisions on their own

You can implement this step by starting with letting your child independently decide on selecting small but relevant things for themselves. This could begin with school supplies and move towards clothes and other substantial decisions as they gradually build their independent thinking skills. These instances will lay a strong foundation for other decisions too.


Let them learn through self-implementation rather than enforcement

An International school in Kalyan is the best place where a child learns to implement the things they have learnt. Learning self-reliance and critical analysis in International schools through actual practice rather than by rote, helps children grasp independent thinking skills actively on their own as opposed to passively through enforcement and external instruction.


Giving children tasks of responsibility

This is a great way of ensuring that children learn independent thinking through their own experiences. Understanding and gauging the consequences of their action and taking ownership of their choices helps boost self-confidence too.


Applauding children for their effort

Positive motivation is a great tool. Receiving words of encouragement and understanding from parents, teachers and elders instils confidence and reassures children about their actions and independent thinking. It also gives them a sense of direction and motivates them to think and act proactively with their own wisdom.


The curriculum in an International School in Kalyan makes sure that a child is nudged towards independent thinking in the right way from a young age. It makes them responsible and self-reliant, creating future innovators and leaders.

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