How to engage your kids this festive season

Festive season is just around the corner. Children tend to get excited during the festivities. It is a great time to engage them in fun activities and use their skills constructively. If planned wisely festive season can be an exciting learning endeavor for children. Here are some amazing benefits and ways of engaging kids in festive activities at school and home.


Benefits of engaging kids in the festive season

Festivities have a fantastic impact on children’s minds. Involving them in fun activities cultivates lifelong skills. It teaches them foundational values of sharing, caring and brotherhood. It instills responsibility and creates precious memories. Festive engagement is also an incredible way to strengthen family bonds. Several International Schools in Kalyan have exclusive festive programs where students are offered the opportunity to exhibit their talents. These benefits have a positive effect on children’s behaviour.


Ways to engage kids during the festive season


1.Nurture their artistic skills

Drawing, singing, dancing, tracing rangoli, fashioning garlands and ornaments out of natural things boosts creativity. Art is a splendid way of bonding with loved ones. Some of the best colleges in kalyan have art shows and competitions where students demonstrate their artistic talents during festivities.

2. Involve them carefully in household chores

Another great way of bonding and learning is to partake in household tasks. This is a great way to learn communication and life skills. It allows children to have fun while learning household chores. It also gives them a sense of fulfillment. Students in global Playschools in Kalyan are encouraged to participate in school clean up drives which acts as a great initiator for such activities.


3. Allocate small responsibilities

Responsibilities are a great medium for learning. Allocate small responsibilities such as supervised shopping, gift packing, etc. Festive group activities organized by international schools in Kalyan west also fosters responsibility in children.


4. Storytelling can be a fun activity

Stories are a great way of making festivities memorable. Preschools in Kalyan have special storytelling sessions for kids. It is a creative learning experience that children enjoy with friends and family.


5. Ask kids to journal their experience and learnings

This is a must during festivities. Documenting their memories, learnings and experiences allows children to appreciate this precious time. It also teaches them to streamline their thoughts and look at things with positivity. The Best Schools in Kalyan get children into the habit of journaling from a young age.

6. Wholesome family time and spiritual togetherness

Family time during festivals is most important. It makes children feel loved. Engage children in meditation, prayer rituals, reading scriptures and other spiritual activities. It helps them learn and appreciate traditional values.

Festive season is a wonderful time. Children look forward to it with eagerness. It fills them with joy, love and gratitude. Make it a memorable experience with these fun activities. Moreover, students from international schools in Kalyan have an expansive exposure to such activities. This eases your efforts and makes the festive season a fun-filled endeavor full of cheer!

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