Gurukul approach and its benefits for competitive exams

The Gurukul approach of education focuses on a wholesome, sustainable and mindful path to learning. This makes it a go-to approach for modern modern coaching institutes in Kalyan. One of its major perks is the strengthening of mind which helps in sustainable preparation of competitive exams like NEET and JEE.


What is the Gurukul approach to education?

The Gurukul approach is an ancient, robust and holistic way of education that existed in India since the beginning of time. It focuses on personality development, self-control, discipline and lifelong learning. It is a vigorous and independent system of gaining knowledge. Coaching Classes in Kalyan are now adopting this balanced and effective approach to education.



Benefits of Gurukul approach in the modern scenario

  1. It instils independent thinking, discipline and self-esteem in children right from the time kids are enrolled in a modern coaching institute.
  2. Students learn to nurture their wisdom in an open and practical environment.
  3. Best schools in Kalyan adopt the Gurukul approach to teach spiritual awareness which helps avoid mental health problems in children.
  4. Apart from building self-confidence, the Gurukul paradigm of learning removes dependency and inspires children to develop a robust intellect.
  5. It also encourages students to develop self-control and physical agility which also helps them when they study in the best colleges in Kalyan.


How do international schools adopt the Gurukul approach and help prepare students for competitive exams?

Competitive exams like NEET and JEE require persistence and lifelong dedication. Top schools in Kalyan with international curriculum adopt the Gurukul approach to help children prepare for tough competitive exams. Here are a few ways in which this system works for the betterment of students studying for exams.


  1. The Gurukul path of learning believes in mindfulness. This helps students to retain knowledge in a sustainable manner right from when they are enrolled in a science coaching institute in Kalyan.
  2. This system inspires logical learning through deduction of practical and natural instances rather than rote learning. It eliminates the chances of students blanking out during exams.
  3. Discipline, independence and wholesome learning is the foundation of this approach. Competitive exams like NEET and JEE require relentless effort and focus. These attributes encourage children to prepare for difficult exams despite the hardship and challenges.
  4. It builds character and lifelong values. Tough exams tend to create pressure on the young minds. Gurukul approach instils strong values in kids. It works on building the child’s strengths rather than preying on its weaknesses. This keeps mental challenges like depression, psychological fatigue and fear away.


Schools and colleges in Kalyan have started to inculcate the values of Gurukul teaching in students. Faculties are skilled and trained in this approach. When blended with the modern path of teaching it develops the cognitive abilities of children exponentially. It is crucial that kids learn and grow in this paradigm from a young age. This is why studying in a global international school that combines the heritage of Gurukul learning is important. It sharpens your child’s future and prepares them for success.

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