Gamification for students: The new learning trend on the block

Learning is an ever-evolving journey. It is significant that a child is exposed to new-age learning which is an outcome of the latest trends in technology. One such booming trend is Gamification. Let’s understand all there is to Gamification, why best schools in Kalyan West are incorporating it in their curriculum and how this new learning trend can be a massive game-changer for your child’s future.


What is Gamification?

In simple terms, gamification is the trend of adding interactive and engaging game-like elements to amplify participation.  International schools in Kalyan are adept at incorporating game-like environments to help absorb concepts and make learning fun. It also ensures practical and situation-based learning which is imprinted in the student’s mind forever and makes knowledge transfer easy and efficient. This creates students that are ready to take on the future with new ideas and concepts.


Why do the best International schools around you adopt practical learning trends like Gamification and other techniques?

The reason why the most expert international schools have incorporated Gamification in their curriculum is that it is real-time, measurable, and meaningful. It brings about the holistic development of a child and prepares them perfectly for the real world, giving them a competitive edge over their peers.


Benefits of Gamification induced learning concepts for your child


Gamification can bring about an impressive transformation in your child’s learning journey in the below ways:

  1. Gamification-induced learning is a big motivator and encourages children to learn more. It offers students an interactive incentive to fix tangible learning goals and achieve them.
  2. Along with instilling children with a competitive spirit, gamification makes learning fun and super-interactive. International schools in Kalyan West have a lot of gamification-based exercises which enhance both teaching and learning experience, making the journey more productive.
  3. Gamification activities such as role-play, contests, and quizzes add an immersive angle to learning and make it rewarding. Scientifically speaking, it releases dopamine into the bodies and makes studying a journey which is more active than passive.
  4. Gamification empowers the best schools in Kalyan with the ability to provide real-time feedback to students which ensures their constructive growth. It does all this without the stringence of traditional learning methods and discards the stress of old-school learning.
  5. Gamification-based learning content offers an evolved space of growth with cutting-edge, modern, and engaging learning content. It offers a 360-degree approach of learning and molds students into all-rounder learners.


Right from the time when a child is studying in an International Preschool in Kalyan, Gamification provides endless benefits for their growth. It instills the skill of innovative imagination in them and makes them industry ready. It takes them a step closer to their careers and makes learning a two-way, efficient, and cooperative process. It offers a broad scope for boundless performance which leaves an excellent and lasting mark in their lives. This new learning trend in international schools suits every learner perfectly and can be the best growth accelerator for your child!

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