Extra-curricular activities and its significance for your child

The fast and modern world need individuals that have a flexible and holistic upbringing. The definition of wholesome education is evolving and it is no longer restricted only to academics. International School in Kalyan are changing the approach of modern global education and extra-curriculars are one of the crucial pillars of this approach. Let’s understand all there is to extra-curricular activities and why it is important for your kids.


What do extra-curricular activities comprise of?

Extra-curricular comprise a wide array of activities right from sports, cultural events, performing arts, martial arts, elocution, and other verbal competitions or quizzes, and a lot more.


How to encourage your child to participate in extra-curricular activities?

Before we begin with the pros of extra-curricular for your child, here are a few tips that will help you to motivate their flair for extra-curricular. First things first, always enroll your child in a good International Preschool in Kalyan. This wise and early investment will prove to be your best decision. Next always make sure you nudge your child gently towards extracurricular and not force them to participate. Always ask them for their views and experience after they’ve participated to know how they actually feel about it. All this will ensure that your child is genuinely and constantly inclined toward extra-curricular.


Why are extra-curricular activities significant for your child?

There are tons of benefits of participating in extra-curricular activities that lead to a child’s absolute development. We’ve listed these impactful benefits below:

Team playing

Team skills is one of the most crucial skills required by your child to succeed in the big world outside. Extra-curricular in good International schools in Kalyan west ensure that your child learns how to function effectively in a team right from a young age.


Helps build new skills and confidence

Extra-curricular activities teach children new and modern skills that help them make it big in the corporate and professional world. It also instills a strong sense of confidence that enables them to take on new challenges in life constructively.


Inculcating positive patterns and continuous Innovation

Another great thing that kids imbibe through participation in extra-curricular activities in Best schools in Kalyan West is the pattern of positive habits in life that stay with them forever. Moreover, it also imparts the attribute of innovation which empowers them to stand apart in the crowd.


Keeps mental and physical distress at bay

A common byproduct of academic life is stress which could be both physical and mental. Active and constant participation in extra-curricular activities helps children keep fit and stay away from mental stress.


Social development skills

Extra-curricular activities in International School in Kalyan have a powerful tendency of fortifying children with adaptability and agility. They learn how to take criticisms constructively and also to live in the society amicably without losing their own individuality.


It is a common misconception that in order to succeed in life, extracurricular is not a significant aspect and the only thing important for children is to study well. Remember that the ones who excel in the global world of today are those that know how to strike a balance between both studies and play!

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