6 Benefits of the IGCSE (Cambridge) Board over other boards like CBSE & ICSE

The International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) is a globally recognized qualification for students in the 14-16 age group. In India, many schools offer the IGCSE curriculum as an alternative to the standard CBSE or ICSE curriculum. The benefits of the IGCSE curriculum in India include:

  1. International Recognition: IGCSE qualifications are recognized and respected by universities and employers worldwide.
  2. Curriculum Flexibility: The IGCSE curriculum allows schools to design their own courses and syllabus that best suit the needs of their students.
  3. Emphasis on Practical Skills: The IGCSE curriculum places a strong emphasis on developing practical skills and real-world problem-solving, which can better prepare students for the demands of higher education and the workforce.
  4. Examination Flexibility: IGCSE exams offer a variety of assessment methods, including coursework, practical assessments, and oral exams, which can better suit the strengths of different students.
  5. Exposure to Global Perspectives: The IGCSE curriculum exposes students to different cultures, societies, and ways of thinking, helping to develop a more global perspective.
  6. Multiple languages: IGCSE offers an option of study in multiple languages which include English, Hindi, French and German which makes it more inclusive for students coming from different backgrounds.

Overall, the IGCSE curriculum can be a great option for students in India who are looking for an internationally recognized qualification and a more flexible and practical approach to learning.

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