5 Tips For Handling A Hyperactive Child

A hyperactive child can almost seem like they are “too much”. They are always on the go, and making them sit still in one place is almost an impossible task. This is more than just an occasional phase for some children and can be frustrating for parents and a nightmare for teachers. 

Hyperactive kids are restless and have trouble listening, focusing and maintaining peace. Coping with a child who is bouncing from one activity to another with limitless energy can be challenging. However, there is no right way of handling a hyperactive child, following some tips can make it easier to cope with them. 


5 Practical Tips To Handle A Hyperactive Child

5 tips for handling a hyperactive child

  • Keep Them Engaged

Hyperactive kids are bursting with lots of energy, although this isn’t a bad thing. Physical activities are great ways to burn that extra energy while teaching them how to control their bodies. It is proven that being outside and doing regular exercise can reduce hyperactivity in your kid. Just taking a walk outside in nature can help your child calm down. 

Deep breathing exercises like yoga, meditation will immensely help your hyperactive child in slowing down their thoughts and their bodies. Make sure to pick the activity your child enjoys so that they can stick with it. Also don’t force them and it is okay if they want a break, the goal is to not let them get overwhelmed. 

  • Food Is The Key

Food will play an important role in controlling your child’s hyperactivity. I mean you have probably heard “good food, good mood” right? Provide your child with healthy and fresh home-cooked meals. In long term, eating clean will help improve their mood, physical health and mental well-being. 

If your child is constantly fidgeting and you are getting complaints from their teacher about disrupting the class and getting up from their seat, there’s a good chance he’s hungry. Provide a healthy breakfast before he leaves for school and that will help him stay calm.  

  • Boredom Kills Hyperactivity

Hyperactivity kicks out as soon as boredom kicks in. But it won’t be an easy task to make your hyperactive child stay in one place so he can get bored. Using the boredom box in this situation will be useful. The box might contain art supplies, legos, drawing supplies, rubik’s cubes, etc. Whatever tends to hold their interest. Switch items once in a while to keep it interesting for your child so that they don’t get bored by the boredom box. 

  • Make A Routine 

Making a routine with a hyperactive child is always the best decision. They thrive better when they know what’s coming. Something new can overwhelm them easily so it is crucial to make a specific routine for their days even on the weekends and vacations. 

Help your child create a to-do list so they don’t forget which task they are supposed to do. Teach them to refer to the list when they are unsure what to do next. Also, don’t forget to reward them when they complete all the tasks on their list but make sure you are not too strict if they don’t complete the task. 

  • Don’t Get Overwhelmed

Raising a hyperactive child can be tough but that doesn’t necessarily make them a bad kid. If you will get frustrated or angry at something it can worsen the hyperactivity in your child. Firstly, realize that there’s nothing wrong with your child, he is perfectly normal. A hyperactive child can be more fun, and more curious about the world around them. He just has to learn how to control and live with it. Be patient with your child and be their strength. 

These five practical tips will help you immensely in controlling your hyperactive child. All your child needs is some guidance from the teacher, a little patience from you and these tips to help him control his mind and body. 

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