5 Essential Study Habits for Higher Secondary Students

Introduction: As higher secondary education brings with it a higher level of academic rigor and complexity, it’s essential for students to cultivate effective study habits to succeed. While every student’s

Embracing Diversity: Enriching Primary School Literature

In today’s diverse world, primary school literature serves as a gateway to understanding and embracing different cultures, identities, and perspectives. Let’s embark on a journey through the pages of inclusive

Mindful Mondays

 (Practicing Wellness and Mindfulness in Junior College) As students embark on their academic journey at Cambria International School and College, one of the Top Colleges in Kalyan, they are often

 Exploring Career Pathways

                (Internships, Externships, and Career Development in Junior College) Embarking on the journey of higher education at Cambria International School, known as one of the Top Colleges in Kalyan, students are

The Great Outdoors: Enhancing Primary School Learning

In today’s fast-paced world, primary school education extends beyond the confines of the classroom. Outdoor education offers young learners a vibrant space for growth, exploration, and discovery. Let’s explore how

Grade 4 Nature Expedition!

Today, our Grade 4 adventurers embarked on a journey into the magical embrace of nature’s canvas. With each step, we encountered a new spectacle – from the graceful dance of

The Art of Advocacy

 (Giving Secondary Students the Resources They Need to Make a Positive Impact in Their Communities)   At Cambria International School, nestled in the heart of Kalyan, we believe in nurturing more