Our Strong Foundational Curriculum for the Lower Secondary Programme

We emphasize an inquiry-based approach for conceptual learning which ensures the integration of practical skills into the teaching-learning processes. The Cambria International School’s Lower secondary Programme lays a strong foundation for Secondary school and prepares a concrete base for the students to appear for their competitive examinations. We offer a plethora of opportunities to fortify the educational foundation, knowledge, and skills that are essential for a student to triumph in the 21st Century world.

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The Cambria International School’s Lower secondary Programme empowers students to:-

  • Develop sharp skills and conceptual understanding in four areas: reading, writing, speaking, and listening.
  • Explore a range of texts both for information and engagement purposes, including texts from varied times and cultures. Leverage from reading platforms, intellectual speech, and expression development activities.
  • Visualize themselves as writers, using the written word explicitly and creatively for an array of different audiences and purposes.
  • Speak with others, challenge ideas, and provide evidence that validates conjectures and applies solutions to varied mathematical contexts.
  • Forge connections between different facts, procedures, and concepts that help view the world in a mathematical way.
  • Create awareness of science in the world around them and develop an intellectual sense that ‘science is for me’, which helps them to connect themselves to varied subjects.
  • Develop understanding and skills of scientific models and representations, scientific inquiry, and practical work.
  • Acquire knowledge and skills through projects that are thoroughly planned and integrated with various subjects which further serve as a concrete step towards developing inter-disciplinary approaches in subsequent years.
  • Imbibe social skills through field trips and excursions that aid in raising awareness about the real world. Projects, presentations, and group activities are planned to be more formal and research-based.
  • Develop team spirit and take up roles of responsibility through Inter-house cultural and sports competitions that encourage healthy competition through student participation in class assemblies, concerts, Ted talks, debates, and more.