Experimental Learning Through

Versatile Syllabus

At The Cambria International School, we recognize the twenty-first century demands of high standards of linguistic ability and empower our students to acquire the linguistic competence required in various life situations. Hindi is taught as a Second Language, while Marathi is offered as the Third Language, which helps to communicate effectively, interact in a culturally appropriate manner and build a strong foundation in Indian languages. 

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While imparting the knowledge and application of Mathematics, we ensure an effective way of building mental discipline along with inspiring mental rigor and logical reasoning approach.

We also ensure that other subjects in our curriculum offer tremendous opportunities for experiential learning through hands-on projects, experiments, collaborative activities, and more. The strong connections forged between course topics and other subjects strengthen relevant integration. Our innovative learning process inspires students to obtain a deeper knowledge of the subjects and in the process, students are also equipped to hone their organizational and research skills to develop better communication with their peers and other adults. 

Our other thoroughly planned active learning techniques such as free play, dramatization, puppetry, and singing, dancing, and cooking further enhance a child’s learning growth.

Speech and Drama strengthen confidence and sharpen language and communication skills, besides reinforcing other aspects of the school curriculum.

Our wide range of curricular and co-curricular opportunities offered helps instill confidence and discipline in children which is reflected in their ability to express themselves.

At The Cambria International School, we ensure that students engage in field trips, excursions, activities, projects, and presentations that offer exponential experiential learning opportunities.