Important Personal Safety Tips for kids

Every parent is concerned about the safety of their children. At the same time, it is critical for children to begin socializing at an early age and to have some flexibility to grow and establish independence. It’s all about striking a good balance, which can be difficult. Even at home, keeping a constant eye on your children’s every step may be impossible. With that in mind, here are some helpful guidelines to ensure that kids stay safe even when you are not present.


Strangers should not be let in through the front door

Instruct your children to keep the doors locked and secured at all times, and to only open them for people they know. This is also taught in good international Pre-schools in Kalyan. Tell children that if a stranger rings the doorbell, they should remain silent and not open it. This is especially critical if your children are old enough to be left alone at home.


Know who to contact in case of an emergency in your household

Every household should have an emergency contact list, which should be carefully typed out or printed and kept in a convenient location. If a disaster happens, family members will be able to quickly refer to it and contact others if necessary. Make sure your kids know where they can find this list and how to utilize it if they need it.


Good touch versus bad touch

Demonstrate the difference between a good and bad touch. Also, teach kids that if they feel violated in any way, they should scream for help and warn those around them. International schools in Kalyan make sure children are taught this from a young age.


Never leave the house without at least one adult family member

Make it clear to your children that if they need to go somewhere for something, they must be accompanied by an adult family member, such as their parents or grandparents. Kids should not be left alone in the house or yard for obvious reasons.


Set limits for your children

Playing outside in nature is one of the benefits of growing up in the country. Parents will want to set limits on how far their children can go safely. It’s ideal to maintain such limits visible, or at the very least within hearing distance of a loud bell that can be rung when dinner time arrives.


Keep distance from heavy furniture, and medical cabinet, and practice water safety

Furniture can be a severe hazard for youngsters if it is not properly secured. Also, when they are not under the supervision of a guardian, children should not have access to any medical prescriptions. If you know your child has an allergy, make sure they’re aware of what to look out for and what to avoid. When children under the age of six are in a pool or bathtub, they should always be supervised by an adult. Good International schools guide both parents and kids about these safety tips.


While desirable, keeping a close eye on your children may not always be possible. The good news is that you can teach your children these fundamental safety principles to follow. This will assist kids in being more conscious of how to protect themselves when you are not around.

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